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The Paul da Vinci Explosion

A selection of songs from Paul da Vinci's 60's/70's Explosion show, including "Sugar Baby Love". Paul sang the vocal (high and low sections) and also sang the B side "You Could Have Told Me" on the original Rubettes 8 million selling record and had solo hits with "Your Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore" and "If You Get Hurt" which he wrote and produced and then in the 80's was guest vocalist on Tight Fit's hit "Back To The Sixties ptII". Paul is now booking out his new show 60's/70's Explosion featuring his fantastic band.
Footage recorded by Mike Pinkney/side shots Linda Prewer.  Edited by Paul da Vinci and Linda Prewer.

"Top of the Pops" 1974

This is Paul singing  his self-composed and produced UK and European hit "Your Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore".  This is a live recording of his voice.

"321" UK TV Footage 1987

Another live recording. "You Make Me Feel Brand New".

TV Germany

Paul da Vinci with The Rubettes Feat Bill Hurd

                      "Sugar Baby Love" 2004

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